Zara the technology giant of the

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Case Study Zara the Technology Giant of the Fashion World Paper

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Zara is launching its online store in Australia on March 1 Get excited

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Here’s a bunch of reasons to get excited about Zara’s new Australian online store

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Final it will cost. Signature the past few times shopping centre stalwarts such as GAP, Topshop and Oroton have worked out of the tasty fashion landscape. Just weeks after Bill Gates’ estimated net worth was said to hit a record high, the billionaire behind Spanish clothing giant Zara has dethroned the Microsoft co-founder, according to Forbes.

Zara's AR displays will allow customers to hold a smartphone up to a sensor in the store or store window, to see selected outfits from its clothing lines displayed on a model. Case Study of Zara: Use of Technology to Improve Operational Responsiveness Fashion giant, Zara, forms part of the retail group ‘Grupo Inditex’ which is one of the “largest, fastest growing and successful” clothing retailers across Europe.

Zara’s secret, according to CEO Jose Castellano, is its reliance on communication, and the way it uses existing technology to take control of almost every aspect of design, production and distribution.

In international retail giant Zara became a front-runner in retail RFID technology buying an estimated million RFID chips to kick-start their switch to the technology. “Before the chips were introduced, employees had to scan barcodes one at a time,” said Graciela Martín, store manager at one of Zara’s biggest outlets in Madrid.

3 THE CASE OF ZARA Established inZara is the flagship of Inditex (Industria del Diseño Textil, S.A.), a holding company located in Galicia (north-west Spain).

Zara the technology giant of the
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