The tenor sax of herschel evans

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Herschel Evans

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Herschel Evans

Manufacturer Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Information 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 ; BARI Beechler: 3. Herschel "Tex" Evans (9 March – 9 February ) was an American tenor saxophonist who worked in the Count Basie Orchestra.

He also worked with Lionel Hampton and Buck Clayton. He is also known for starting his cousin Joe McQueen's interest in the Jazz.

EVANS, HERSCHEL (–). Herschel Evans, musician and composer, was born in Denton, Texas, in and spent some of his childhood in Kansas City, Kansas, where his cousin Eddie Durham was a trombonist and guitarist.

Durham persuaded him to switch from alto to tenor sax, the instrument that ultimately established Evans's reputation. Evans was born in Denton, Texas, but spent some of his childhood in Kansas City, Kansas, where his cousin Eddie Durham was a trombonist and guitarist.

Durham persuaded him to switch from alto to tenor saxophone, the instrument that ultimately established Evans's reputation.

Tenor Essentials The 50 most important tenor saxophone albums in jazz history. 0. By. 1. By.

Tenor Essentials

1 of 2 Next. So in coming up with a cover-story concept for this June sax issue, I thought about the importance of the tenor and how it functions as a cultural icon for jazz. You need more than this-the Decca stuff with Basie and Herschel.

Check out Blue And Sentimental (reminiscent of Herschel Evans on tenor and Lester Young on clarinet on the Basie recording of this Basie original) by Larry Vuckovich on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on

The tenor sax of herschel evans
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