The diagrid system

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The term Diagrid is a portmanteau of ‘diagonal grid’ and is a technique typically used for constructing large steel buildings by creating external triangular structures with horizontal support rings. The diagonal members intersect each other and the horizontal rings at a single node.

The members. Diagrid structures are one of the most efficient structures due to their redundancy and triangular pattern. However, the uniqueness of the structure creates its own limitations and challenges.

One major challenge is the construction of the Diagrid structure. The Jakarta International Velodrome is a vibrant and dynamic stadium, developed primarily as a key venue for the Asian Games. The project will add vitality to the immediate precinct for years to come through the provision of legacy opportunities inherent in the siting and planning of the facility.

diagrid on the building, rather than ignoring the aesthetic potential of the structure as was histor- ically done in tall buildings that relied on an orthographic structural system. The treatment of the expression of the diagrid frame varies between projects as a function of.

Introduction The term Diagrid is a portmanteau of ‘diagonal grid’ and is a technique typically used for constructing large steel buildings by creating external triangular structures with horizontal support rings.

The diagrid system
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