The bread of salt

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Salt-rising bread

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Bread and salt

The Maine Pot. Prince Edward Island Mussels, Maine Lobster, Creamy Lobster Broth. The picture looks like rock salt. Is that what this is? This is different than rock salt as it is an edible product. The grain is smaller, purer and completely edible/5().

Bread and salt

Bread and salt (hleb i so) is a traditional welcoming of guests, being customary to offer it before anything else, with bread having an important place in Serbian tradition, used in rituals. [7] [8] The traditional bread, pogača, is a symbol of family unity and goodness, and salt prosperity and security for the guest.

The salt is poured directly into the hollow of the bread, and each guest may tear off a piece of bread and dip it into the salt. The bread is like Easter bread (bring it to family gatherings!) in flavor and texture, but the taste with the salt is reminiscent of soft pretzels. Main Gallery Alternative Projections: A group exhibition in expanded media.

Salt Rising Bread

Opening reception: November 10th, pm. Closes December 29th. Artists include: Bill Basquin, Lyndsay Bloom, Dutra Brown, Stefani Byrd, Francisco Eme, Marina Grize, Judith Hamann, Nick Lesley, John Newsome, Sindhu Thirumalaisamy, and more TBA.

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