The archigram movement

The Archigram Movement

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Metabolism (architecture)

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1960s Utopian Groups

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Prof pens chapter on avant-garde design group Archigram for Wiley

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The rock is emphasised by punctuating the three broad blocks with a good storey glazed balcony. In this study, I hope to speculate on the political stance of the Archigram movement as a whole, and to analyse the extent to which Archigram may be said to reflect the political and social climate of post-war consumer culture in the West.

Archigram: Architecture without Architecture—the first full-length critical and historical account of the Archigram phenomenon—traces Archigram from its rediscovery of early modernist verve through its courting of students, to its ascent to international notoriety for advocating the "disappearance of architecture."4/5(3).

1960s Utopian Groups

Sep 03,  · Feminist Movement 1 The Feminist Movement Around the World Feminist Movement 2 The feminist movement started in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in many parts of the world. Some of the countries are the United States, European, and China. Megastructures are an architectural concept popularized in the s where a city could be encased in a single building, or a relatively small number of buildings interconnected together.

The concept was popularized by avant-garde architectural groups such as Archigram. The first book-length critical and historical account of an ultramodern architectural movement of the s that advocated "living equipment" instead of buildings.

The Archigram Movement

In the s, the architects of Britain's Archigram group and Archigram magazine turned away from conventional architecture to propose cities that move and houses worn like suits. Another positive concept which links Archigram to communism is the regenerative potential it offers for post-war society.

The designs and methods of the Archigram movement could supply a society in need of rapid regeneration following an extended period of conflict the means to rebuild itself, and make the provision of accommodation 4/4(1).

The archigram movement
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