The absence of women in dantes inferno

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Ice in Dante’s Inferno

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Digital Dante

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Dante’s purpose in writing the first part of his Divine Comedy was to demonstrate that God's action in human history can be extended from one man to all men, showing. One group is purging excessive heterosexual desire; Dante calls this “hermaphrodite”, desire for the other sex. The second group is purging excessive homosexual desire: technically, same-sex desire, but Dante’s examples of Caesar and Sodom do not suggest the presence of women in this group.

Dante's statue also closely recalls the statue appearing in King Nebuchadnezzar's dream in the Bible; this dream is revealed in a vision to Daniel, who informs the king that the composition of the statue signifies a declining succession of kingdoms all inferior to the eternal kingdom of God (Daniel ).

Throughout history women have always had a notable absence in society. The same applies to the absence of women in Dante's Inferno. Much of this can be accounted for by women's' roles from a historical and literary aspect.

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In the Inferno, the absence of women may be due to the fact that they did. Enemy of Dante's who suffers in the Styx for being wrathful The Fallen Angels The angels that deny Dante and Virgil entry into Dis. Metaphor that human reason cannot face evil alone. Women’s sins, as depicted by Dante, tend to be overwhelmingly sexual in nature as compared to men’s.

Inferno Quotes

Hell is divided into seven circles, according to the seriousness of the sins. Thus the first, Limbo, is the least blame-worthy, and the second, where the lustful are tormented, is also relatively mild.

Inferno Quotes The absence of women in dantes inferno
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