An introduction to the second amendment of the us constitution

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Constitution of the United States - a highly accessible online version

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Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

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The Constitution is composed of a Preamble (an introduction), the main body (which consists of seven articles), and amendments (additions to the Constitution made after the Constitution was created). The Preamble of the US Constitution.

The Second Amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 Amendments to the United States Constitution and the framework to elucidate upon the freedoms of the individual. The Bill of Rights were proposed and sent to the states by the first session of the First Congress.

They were later ratified on December 15, Constitutional Amendment Process. The authority to amend the Constitution of the United States is derived from Article V of the Congress proposes an amendment, the Archivist of the United States, who heads the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), is charged with responsibility for administering the ratification process under the provisions of 1 U.S.

The 2nd Amendment was ratified on December 17, along with the other nine amendments that make up the Bill of Rights. While it is a very short amendment, its exact meaning in terms of what types of weapons are protected is still in contention today. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to.

The Constitution of the United States The Bill of Rights & All Amendments A highly accessible, easy to use online version full text transcript including the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Amendments with both sequential and subject indexes.

- The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution states, that since there is a necessity for a Free State and regulated militia, the right of the American people to keep and bear arms would not be infringed by the United States government.

An introduction to the second amendment of the us constitution
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Second amendment to the constitution essay introduction