An analysis of the topic of the discourse of globalization

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Discourses of Globalization

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Religious essay topic discourse analysis

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But it rnight also on the other hand be scen in terms critical issues that need to be addresscd in order for globalization to mcet the ofan arnbi. Media globalization discourse post-9/11 has created an issue culture that (at least in the short term) gives greater credence to the views of globalization skeptics, particularly those in the realist camp who argue for the continued importance of the maintenance of power among self-interested state actors.

discourse, our analysis focuses on its economic aspect as the one that has arguably drawn the most attention and is most central to the discourse of globalization. It is argued that the word `globalization' has become so fuzzy and used with such a variety of different meanings that a general theory of globalization must acknowledge and incorporate various discourses.

The most prominent current usage of the term `globalization' is undoubtedly associated with the global expansion of the market form of economy. Globalization discourse has caused creation of elements and signs of global and local matters.

Robertson is introducing globalization as a global-localization. Globalization always is created in local framework, while local framework itself is created as a special place by globalization discourse (Nash, ). "The volume comprises 21 texts in English and German which were selected from the contributions to an international conference: Critical Discourse Analysis and Global Media (Globe ), which took place at the University of Warsaw in September and was organized jointly by Warsaw University's Institute of Applied Linguistics and the.

An analysis of the topic of the discourse of globalization
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