A summary of the art outer coffin of hennetawy

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Ancient Egypt: Sarcophaguses and Coffins

determine how each work of art illustrates its respective. culture. An appropriate work of art that reflects its culture. is the Outer Coffin of Henettawy. Hennetawy was a mistress.

of the house and chantress of Amen-Ra. She lived in the. Third Intermediate Period of Egypt. Her coffin is a simple. The Coffin Set of Henettawy includes two nearly identical coffins, one nesting inside the other.

During the Third Intermediate Period, the period when this particular coffin was created, using more than one coffin was a common practice among the ruling class. This is a collection of sarcophaguses and coffins from Ancient Egypt. The sarcophagus refers to the outer layer of protection for an important mummy, and would generally be carved or painted with images representing the deceased person.

A summary of the art outer coffin of hennetawy
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